Welcome to Revelwood Warmblood Stud

David and Amanda Shoobridge have developed Revelwood into arguably the most multi faceted equestrian enterprise in the country.  Their businesses include products and services covering a vast area from equine reproductive veterinary services to national competitions and almost everything in between.

The beauty of this vertical integration is that David and Amanda understand the imperative needs at every stage of the cycle as they are not just breeders, or just riders, or just semen and horse retailers, or just horse owners – they understand and offer all the services you require.

Revelwood is home to by far the most exciting range of dressage stallions available in Australia. The foals produced by these stallions are nothing short of spectacular. Each stallion has been carefully chosen with their temperament being of utmost importance. Couple this with various characteristics like movement, trainability, type and pedigree and you are on your way to having a winning formula.

David and Amanda also own and manage the successful frozen semen importing and distribution business, Waterview Park (www.waterviewpark.com.au) complimenting the business model and stud’s philosophy of remaining at the forefront of world equine genetics.

David and Amanda look forward to being able to provide Australian breeders, riders and horse enthusiasts a professional, enjoyable and sustainable service for years to come.